Quality control


CHENGDU ROCCA CO.,LTD. is specialized in manufacturing and exporting Phosphates and other Fully Water Soluble Fertilizers, such as Nitrates, Sulphates, NPKs, Micronutrients, etc. Located near phosphorous resources in Southwest China and with advanced manufacturing technology in this field, we have become one of the most important suppliers in global market for the following products: MAP, MKP, UP, DAP,Mono-potassium Phosphite, Potassium Phosphate, Calcium Nitrate Granular, KNO3, Ammonium Sulphate,  NPKs,etc. 
In order to enlarge business activities, ROCCA has also undertaken sourcing of various chemicals for our worldwide clients. In complied with specified requirements of our overseas principals, we procure the best-met products from China and ship cargos to global destinations.
Nowadays ROCCA is a versatile, multinational enterprise with expanding sales all over the world. Our sales network today covers customers in various industries worldwide with our consolidation services. Furthermore, strong capital resources and established financial control policies give ROCCA the ability to respond quickly to world industrial need.