Ammonium Polyphosphate(APP)


Molecular Formular:   (NH4)+2PnO3n+1

                                                   (NH4PO3)n   n>1000(II)

CAS Number:              68333-79-9



As per polymerization, APP can be divided into three types, i.e high polymerization APP, medium polymerization APP and low polymerization APP.

The higher polymerization is, the less solubility will be. As per the structure APP may be divided into two type, namely crystalline APP and amorphorous APP.

Crystalline APP is a water insoluble and long-chain polyphosphate, and it has 5 variants named as variant I to V, As a white powder water insoluble APP is not

deliquescent and has got very good compatibility with other aids; Water soluble APP is apt to cake under normal temperature, but this will not affect it

performance and application. APP is a poisonless product.


Ammonium ployphosphate (APP-) is a non-halogen flame retardant. It acts as flame retardant by intumescence mechanism. When APP- is exposed to

fire or heat, it decomposes to polymeric phosphate acid and ammonia. The polyphosphoric acid reacts with hydroxyl groups to form a nonstable phosphateester.

Following dehydration of the phosphateester, a carbon foam is built up on the surface and acts as an insulation layer.


Uses: .

In plastic(PP, PE, PVC etc), polyester, Rubber, and Expandable fireproof coatings.

Water soluble APP products can also be used a highly concentrated NP fertilizer or feed additive.


Packing and Storage:

Packed in 25kg/ 50kg woven PP bags lined with PE bags inner. Store in dry and well ventilated places, and never pile it in the open air.


Guaranteed Technical Specifications: