Molecular formula:  Ca3(PO4)2 

Molecular Weight:    310.18  

CAS Number :           7758-87-4



White Amorphous crystalline powder; Melting point 1670 and relative density 3.14; Easily soluble in diluted hydrochloric acid and nitric acid,

hardly soluble in water and insoluble in ethanol; It is stable in open air; There are two types of this product, i.e. α type and β type. When

β type is heated to 1180, it will change intoα type, and a type is soluble in citric acid more easily than β Type.



Technical Grade TCP is used in the production of ceramic, color glasses and milky glasses. It may used as dental adhesive, plastic stabilizer,

polishing powder, syrup clearer, chemical fertilizer. It is also used in rubber industry and dyeing industry. In medicine it is used as acidity

inhibitor; Food grade TCP is used as anti-agglomeration agent, nutrition intensifier, flavor improver, buffering agent and pH regulator. It also

used as an additive to feedstuff for poultry; De-fluorine TCP is a source of element P and element Ca for poultry, and it may also used as a base

fertilizer for acid soil.


Packing and Storage:

In 25kg,50kg,1000kg net bags.Store at a cool,dry and well ventilated place.


Guaranteed Technical Specifications: