Molecular Formular:  (NH4)+2PnO3n+1 /(NH4PO3)n   n>1000(II)

CAS Number:             68333-79-9

HS CODE:               2835399000



Packing:25kg polybag  or 1000KG Big Polybag 
Product Features: 
High Utilization:   The polymeric phosphorus will gradually hydrolyze into orthophosphate with the growth of the crops,less fixed phosphorus ,

significantly improving absorption and utilization of phosphorus.
Increasing Yield:   According to field experiments comparing with MAP&DAP,yield increasing of celery, lettuce and other field vegetables more

than 20%, grain crops such as corn, potato around 40%. 
High Water Solubility:   100% soluble in water,no residue.
 High Nutrients:   The APP can save formula space, helpful to produce differentiated products. 
Good Compatibility:   Due to very stable physical and chemical properties,  APP can mix and compound with a wild range of fertilizer raw materials.
 Good Complexation:  The APP has complexation,can improve utilization of secondary and micronutrients.
Applications and Instructions:   
The APP can be used as a fully water-soluble nitrogen and phosphorus compound fertilizer for bottom application and spraying application.
 The APP can also be used as raw materials of high concentration compound fertilizer. The APP can not only be used as raw materials of

macronutrients water soluble fertilizer, but also compound with orthophosphate to make different forms of macronutrients water soluble fertilizer

to meet the needs of crops in different growth periods.
 The specific dosage according to the requirements of the formula and the compatibility of other raw materials.
This product should be stored in a cool, ventilated, dry place.
Absorption Mechanism:   
APP is a polymeric phosphate salt. Absorbing on the soil particles by molecular form , APP won't lose efficacy as quickly as orthophosphate as a result of

fixed by soil. Under the joint action of the crop root secreted acid and soil microorganisms and other factors, the polymeric phosphorus will gradually

hydrolyze into orthophosphate, and then absorbed and utilized by crop. Thus achieving high efficient use of phosphorus.