NOP 13.5-0-46


Molecular Formular:   KNO3

 Molecular Weight:      101.1

 CAS number:                7757-79-1



Colorless transparent orthorhombic crystals or white powder, relative density 2.109 and melting point of 334. It will liberate oxygen about 400,

and converted into potassium nitrate, and to converted to hydroxide by continuous heat. It is soluble in water, liquid ammonia, and glycerin; not

soluble in ethanol and ether and not easy deliquescence in the air. It is strong oxidants, capable of burning an explosion in contact with

organic and toxic gases and to emit a pungent odor. If heated with toner or sulfur, will burn and release intense light.


Main advantages:


l A unique source of potassium, have ideal chemical and physical properties, an ideal product for fertigation and foliar sprays.

l Nitrogen is 100% in nitrate form, and easily be taken up by crops.

l It contains high K2O, which will strengthen the plant immune system.

l It is free from chlorine.

l It can be applied by mixing with other fertilizers to meet plants need for special nutrients elements.

l It may increase the yield and quality of vegetables and fruits.

l Nitrate in the product can increase the PH value of the root surface to form a slightly alkaline environment in the root zone and

      is able to maintain soil pH at an ideal level, to improve soil properties.



Packing and Storage:

Packed in 25kg, 50kg, 1000kg net bags store at a cool, dry and well ventilated place.

Transported as hazardous goods: UN.NO.1486, CLASS:5.1