They are used during the fruits and vegetables growth stage following blooming. Potassium increase plants resistance to temperatures stress. It is a key element needed for sugar and starch synthesis.


Main formula:

7-12-40+TE12-0-44+TE15-5-25+TE15-10-30+TE15-15-30+TE 15-20-25+TE


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High potassium formula, suitable for flowering of crops, the results of the period, bulb flowers in the late use of fertilizer.

Rich in trace elements to ensure the heathy growth of plants and to avoid the occurrence of crop deficiency symptoms.

Weak-acid formulation, suitable for most of crops. Can adjust the acid in Alkaline soil.  

With high proportion of nitrate nitrogen and water-soluble potassium, will make the leaf more thickness and more green, make the plant stem more strong.



Flowers, vegetables, fruit crops.


Application suggestion:

Applicable for all kinds of potted flowers, fresh cut flowers and bulb flowers with fertilizer, to help the flowers color, to extend the flowering period.

Applicable for eggplant, tomato, melon and root vegetables, will improve crop quality and yield.

Apply to crops in the late use of fertilizer to improve crop resistance.

When plants appear potassium deficiency, the fertilizer can be used to correct the symptoms of potassium deficiency.



Foliar application, fertigation, irrigation.



Less than 10kg/bag (9.85kg/bag; 9kg/bags;7.5kg/bag, 5kg/bag, 2kg/bag)