They are mainly designed for stimulating flower development, root growth and helping to overcome transplants shock.


Main formula:

20-10-20+TE, 28-14-14+TE, 30-10-10+TE


More Technical data, please check the following data:


9-45-15 is a high phosphate formula which is designed for the root growth of transplant seedling. The content of water soluble phosphate anhydride (P2O5) is 45%. The formulation has a lower EC value, without containing Na+, Cl and other harmful ions, which will avoid damage to the seedlings.



Flowers, Vegetables, Fruit crops.


Application suggestions:

1) Suitable for the roots and transplant seedlings of most of the flowers in greenhouse, tomato, cucumber and other vegetables.

2) High phosphate formulation can promote the rapid growth of plant roots and rapid recovery of plant vitality.

3) Water soluble phosphorus is not easily fixed by substrate. The plant can still absorb the nutrition when the soil temperature is lower.

4) Can meet the needs of some plants for high phosphorus nutrients. When the plants appear phosphorus deficiency,  the fertilizer can be used to correct symptoms of phosphorus deficiency.