They can provide nutrients value in 1:1:1 ratio and be suitable for general in a wide variety of growing situation.


Main formula

19-19-19+TE,  20-20-20+TE


More technical data, please check following datas:


l Balanced nutrient, suitable for nutrition needs of crop in different stages.

l Rich in trace elements, to ensure the healthy growth of plants and avoid the occurrence of nutrient deficiency symptom of the crops.

l The formula is weak acid which is suitable for most of crops and can adjust the acid in Alkaline soil.

l High nitrogen and high phosphate have a role on raising seedling.

l Can be mixed with other fertilizers

l The fertilizer is suitable for the seedling and foliage plants.



Flowers, Vegetables, Fruit Crops.


Application suggestion:

l Suitable for most of the land plants, foliage plants and outdoor landscape plants.

l For the newly transplanted seedlings, it has a role of raising seedling.

l Balanced nutrition, which can meet the nutrient needs of crops in different stages.

l The content of CO(NH2)2-N is more than 50%, which can be used for foliar application.

l Rich in trace elements, which avoid the occurrence of nutrient deficiency symptom of the crops.



Foliar application, Fertigation, Irrigation.



Less than 10kg/bag(9.85kg/bag, 9kg/bag, 7.5kg/bag, 5kg/bag, 2kg/bag)